The Fly Maggot Predator

This year we are introducing our APPIFLY solution against fly problems in pig units to the UK market. We call it the fly maggot predator as the larvae of this predatory fly feeds on fly larvae in the slurry pit. This beneficial insect has been successfully controlling flies at hundreds of farms on the continent.

AppiFly is a small predatory fly [Ophyra aenescens] the adult will fly just a few inches above the muck and starts laying eggs straight after being released. The eggs develop into parasitic larvae. These actively consume fly larvae in the slurry, breaking the life cycle of fly. AppiFly needs to be present in all stages since the predatory phase of the larva is relatively short. To start developping a population it is not necessary for flies to be present, AppiFly develops in the slurry without the need to predate.

Simple Safe and Effective

  • 100% organic method to prevent a fly outbreak.
  • Works against multiple species of flies.
  • No chemical resistance or residuals in manure
  • Time saving & simple application.
  • Safe for humans and animals.
  • Helps to prevent build up of a crust layer.

We highly recommend to start to settling the AppiFly population from early spring. Start settling a population by releasing three batches leaving two weeks in between.

During summer genarally two top ups are necessary to stay on top of the fly population. Installation is simple: Remove the lid and hang the tube in the shed using a nail or wire. In a few days the predatory flies will hatch and naturally find their way to the slurry. AppiFly pupae are supplied in cardboard tubes containing 4500 (M) or 9000 (L) pupae of the predatory fly. AppiFly M is sufficient for max 75 m2 slatted area, AppiFly L up to 150m2 of slatted area..

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