Flies getting out of hand?

Are you having to go around your farm with fly sprays and baits as the weather improves? Soon to realise that you have to do it all over again? Although sprays and baits could help, these only target the adults of the fly, which is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the fly population.

Biological Control?

APPI specialises in natural solutions and works together with nature in order to control pest problems on the livestock farm. Our beneficial insects work preventively against the development of flies by predating on fly larvae or parasitising on fly pupae.

APPIFLY maggot predators

The Life Cycle

AppiFly is a small predatory fly. We also call them maggot predators as the larvae of this predatory fly feeds on fly larvae in slurry. It has been successfully controlling flies at hundreds of farms on the continent.

The adult will fly just a few inches above the muck and starts laying eggs straight after being released. The eggs develop into parasitic larvae actively consuming fly larvae, breaking the life cycle of the fly.

AppiFly can be introduced before flies have become abundant as this beneficial insect develops in the slurry without the need to predate.


How to use APPIFLY

Simple Safe and Effective

  • 100% organic method to prevent a fly outbreak.
  • Works against multiple species of flies.
  • No chemical resistance or residuals in manure.
  • Time saving & simple application.
  • Safe for humans and animals.
  • Helps to prevent build up of a crust layer.

AppiFly is supplied as pupae in a cardboard tubes. The tubes contain either 4500 (APPIFLY S)

or 9000 pupae (APPFLY L) of the predatory fly.

We highly recommend to start to establish the AppiFly population from early spring.

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Biological Fly Control plan for your farm?

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Pest Control for pig units

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Biological Fly Control plan for your farm?

Contact us via 01284 636362 or fill out the contact form.